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How Long Does An Interior Paint Job Take?

If you live in or near Fairmount, hiring the right local interior painters is crucial in getting the job done right. However, it is also essential for homeowners to plan for the work logistically. Part of this is figuring out how long the room will take to paint. Doing this before the work begins can make the whole process easier and help you stay within your allotted budget. While no two paint jobs are the same, there are a few ways you can determine the approximate length of the work before you start.

Size of the Room

If you want to figure out exactly how large or small your room is and how long it will take to paint, you will need to calculate the square footage of the walls. Measure the height and width of each wall from corner to corner, and multiply the height by the width to figure out the square footage. For example, a wall that is 8 feet wide by 10 feet tall is 80 square feet of surface area to paint. If you are planning on getting a room repainted, having the square footage ready to go will give you a more accurate estimate for the job.

Amount of Furniture

Another detail that any painting crew will want to know before giving you your estimate is the amount of furniture in the room, the type of furniture, and whether or not it will need to be moved. If you want to paint a room containing a coffee table, two sofas, and an armchair that needs to be moved, your estimate will likely be longer than it would for an empty or near-empty room. Other items like curtain rods and light fixtures can add to the estimated completion time.

Additional Specifications

To accurately estimate how long a job will take, the team will need to know if the trim needs to be painted, if they will have to use scaffolding, how many vent covers there are and if they will need to be painted, etc. Before scheduling a consultation, it is vital to make sure you know exactly how you want the work done. This will make it easier for you and your team to figure out how long it will take.

When you have a room repainted, properly planning the details can ensure all goes well and that your room looks great. To learn more about our interior painting services near Graduate Hospital and the surrounding Philadelphia neighborhoods, contact Groovy Hues Painting & Power Washing of Greater Philadelphia today!