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How Long Does It Take to Paint a House Exterior?

The total time needed to paint an entire house exterior depends on factors like total surface area, number of floors, and the weather. The crew size and chosen materials affect the total completion time of the paint job as well. At the end of the project, a fresh new coat will boost curb appeal, keep your home in style, shield your property from wear and tear, and increase your home’s market value.

Factors That Affect the Length of an Exterior Painting Project

Several factors affect the length of a paint project, including the climate and how many stories the home has. The amount of manpower can also modify how long paint jobs take to finish. Let’s examine some of these factors in greater detail.

Home Size

Applying paint to the exterior of a house will take about three to four days for an average-sized home with a team of two to three people. This timeframe applies to a house with one or two stories and four bedrooms or less.

Larger houses with three stories or five bedrooms may require five to six days for completion.

Crew Size

Having several helping hands will expedite a project considerably. Professional painting companies often allocate multiple painters to the task of exterior house painting. They use this strategic deployment to work more efficiently and meet tight deadlines.

Environmental Factors

Ensure success by choosing the right time to start the exterior painting project. Painters should seek out ideal weather conditions before starting a new assignment. Professionals aim for a time of year with minimal rain and humidity to maximize their success.

Other environmental factors affect completion time as well. For instance, painting in a densely wooded area during autumn may lead to fallen leaves sticking to the fresh paint. Also, springtime pollen may cause discoloration.

Exterior Painting Process

Discover all the work that goes into an average project before painting begins. For an average-size house, painters must perform some prepping, washing, cleaning, and more. Let’s look at the procedure expert painters use for a perfect paint project.

Prep Work

Preparation is a crucial aspect of painting that consumes a significant portion of a project’s time, especially for home exteriors. Extensive prep work, including repair work, is essential for houses with aluminum or wood siding, especially if many years have passed since the last painting job.

Professional painters prioritize thorough preparation, even if it means extending the project duration. Inadequate prep work can jeopardize the entire paint job, reducing the lifespan of the fresh coat of paint, wasting time, and leading to additional expenses.


Using a pressure washer on the aluminum siding is the most crucial part of the preparation process. It creates a solid foundation for the new paint job to adhere to after the siding dries. By ensuring clean siding, skilled painters increase the longevity of new paint coats and enhance their overall quality.

Trimming and Prep

Homeowners should consider replacing any deteriorating wood or utilizing filler for minor damage. Rotten wood might not display any problems in the short term; but, if left unaddressed, the decay will expand, rendering any paint job futile.

Surface Cleaning

Professional painters remove mildew, grease, dust, loose paint, and other contaminants before painting any house interior or exterior. This cleaning procedure ensures that all surfaces are clean and completely dry before painting. Applying primer or paint to walls with lingering moisture might lead to unappealing, blistering paint.

Finishing Up

Hiring professional house painters ensures the home remains tidy throughout the project. They make it a top priority to clean up after each day, leaving no mess behind.

Also, professionals go the extra mile by thoroughly cleaning the area and removing all tools and debris once the project is complete. Residents will not have to worry about cleaning up any messes themselves, allowing homeowners to save time and money.


How long does it take to paint a 1500 sq ft house exterior?

It takes four days to paint a 1500 sq ft house exterior. That estimate is based on three professional painters working on your entire home. Four or more painters can complete a new paint job for a 1500 sq ft house in less time. The tools used will also dictate how long it will take for the job to be finished.

Can you paint the outside of a house in one day?

You can paint the outside of a house in one day. Several factors affect whether a skilled painter can paint your home’s exterior in one day. The duration may extend to several days if substantial prepping is required. The primary factor that affects the painting speed is the amount of required wood repair, stripping, and priming.

How long does it take to paint a house exterior with a sprayer?

It takes two or three days to paint a house exterior with a sprayer. Before applying two coats of high-quality paint, a professional painter primes all bare wood, metal, and other surfaces. This process will extend the total length of the home exterior painting project.

Enjoy a Long-Lasting Exterior Painting Project with Groovy Hues

Now that you know the general time frame for an exterior house painting project, you can reach out to professional painters to get an accurate estimate. Transform your whole house with exterior paint that will last for years by hiring the best painting company. Call Groovy Hues at (844) 394-8660 to schedule a consultation today!